Yager Therapy® Seminar

The Yager Therapy® is an easy-to-learn method, developed by Dr. Edwin K. Yager Ph.D and can be seamlessly integrated into various forms of therapy and therapeutic treatment methods. The Yager Therapy® or Yager-Code® is successfully applied all over the world by coaches, therapists, psychologists and other professional groups involved in high-quality patient care.

The two-day Yager-Code® seminar is provided in the Netherlands by HypnoWorld courses. HypnoWorld courses is a member of the Dutch Council of Training and Education (NRTO) and is ISO-9001 certified. HypnoWorld is registered in the CrKBO register, which means that the courses are exempt from sales tax. In addition, the Yager-Code® seminar has been tested by KTNO as a higher vocational training for various professional organizations.


  • As a professional, are you looking for an effective, efficient and evidence-based solution for mental, psychological and physical complaints?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to help clients with problems whose cause is in the past, for example due to an emotional major event?
  • Do you want to offer your clients a discreet treatment method that does not have to go into detail about the problem or its cause?
  • Are you looking for a 'soft' form of therapy without reliving the trauma and without emotional outbursts?
  • And do you want to be one of the first Yager Therapists in the Netherlands?

Expand your therapeutic toolbox further and add the high-quality Yager-Code® to your skills.

For the full content of the seminar and the possibility to register in Boxmeer or Haarlem, please refer to the page Yager Code seminar on the HypnoWorld website.