Yager Therapy® Consumer Information

Today there are countless forms of therapy. The problem with the many possible treatment methods is that many consumers no longer see the forest for the trees. This one Yager Therapy Consumer Information offers you insight into the possibilities and impossibilities.

The Yager Therapy® is not just a method. The evidence-based Yager Therapy® originated more than 40 years ago. The criterion was; solving psychological, psychosomatic and physical complaints, problems and disorders by finding the cause. In other words, it is a cause-oriented method that does not control the symptoms but focuses on the source and that in a relatively short period of time. Fighting symptoms is like mowing grass to kill the weeds. However, it keeps coming back until the weeds are removed at the root.

Numerous studies and studies have proven that a large number of clients benefit from the Yager Therapy®. The results of these investigations have been recorded and made public. Remarkable results have also been achieved in patients with Parkinson's disease and early Alzheimer's. Of course we do not claim that every patient can be helped with these symptoms, but it would be great if we could also provide relief for this category of patients.

It is certain that many illness symptoms arise from an accumulation of emotional and drastic events that have been reinforced during our further life. This is where the usefulness of the Yager Therapy® proves itself. As Dr. Yager says, "There is no other form of therapy that I know of that is as effective and efficient as Yagarian Therapy."

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It is up to us to properly and honestly inform you as a consumer about this unique method that Prof. dr. Dr. Edwin K. Yager Ph.D, professor at the medical faculty at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) has been developed. In this video We give you a clear explanation of the basic principles on which the Yager Therapy® is based. If you have any questions regarding the content of this video, please contact one Yager-Code® Therapist in your own region.

As part of the consumer information you can download the information sheet here (pdf). Brochures are available on request or can be picked up at one of the practices in your own environment.

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