Psychological disorders

Psychological disorders or psychiatric disorders are characterized by deviating experiences and behavior and can be determined on the basis of behavioral observations, among other things. The treatment usually consists of going through a therapeutic process and possibly the use of medicines including psychotropic drugs.

Well-known disorders include: Adaptive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Developmental Disorder, Personality Disorder, Psychotic Disorder, Mood Disorder, and Addiction.

In many cases the Yager Therapy can provide relief or even eliminate the disorder completely.

Forced neuroses, OCD and compulsive disorder

Forced neuroses, OCD & the Yager Therapy®

Forced neuroses? Compulsory neurosis is an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD / OCD). People can suffer from compulsive thoughts (obsessions) and / or compulsive acts (compulsions). Both forms often occur together and can take on mild or severe forms. By performing certain actions, people try to prevent ... More

Depression & Yager Therapy

Help with depression with the Yager Therapy®

Perhaps you visit this page because you or someone else suffers from depressive feelings or depression? Are you looking for a short-term process or a therapeutic intervention with lasting results? On this page we not only deal with the phenomenon of depression, we also offer you insight into the ... More